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Women's History Month 2019: Home

Inspirational Quotes shared by our College Community. Join in and share. It's easy! Next to the glass display there are flower sticky notes, pens and a whiteboard display.

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You aren't on this planet for nothing quote on yellow flower.

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Women's History Month



            Celebrate Women's History Month, March 2019

Women's History Month in March celebrates the brave, bold, and fearless women who have influenced history. This year we have highlighted "Inspirational Women of the Twentieth  Century" in our theme. Women have inspired and proved to be leaders in traditional and non-traditional roles, whether in the fields of science, politics, environment, legal, the arts, and more. Please join the McCarthy Library staff in celebrating  key historical figures, milestones, and motivational messages that remember those who inspired us.Visionary Women of the 20th Century poster.

Women Champions in Science

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Women's History Organizations

Quote Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womenless history she learns she is worth less.Logo for National Women's History Museum

National Woman's History Alliance

Library of congress Women's History Banner

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