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Writing is an art form, so this section will be on the literary arts.  The term "literary" can cover items traditionally placed under this umbrella such as novels, poetry, and printed plays (versus the actual performance of the play, which is under "performing arts").  Yet, other kinds of writing, such as the collected speeches of presidents, newspaper articles, and even academic articles have a certain artistry to their creation, so they, too, are included in this category.

The ability to use language in a variety of different ways - whether to evoke a specific emotion, persuade an audience to believe a specific argument, showcase the beauty and versatility of words, or create a bad pun - is an art form.  Thus, ingredients that go into sentences, paragraphs, and pages that make up literary works fall under the heading of "language arts."

This section provides a sampling of books that showcase the variety of texts available in the library.  This section also includes databases and suggestions of online resources.  The items provided in this area are not exhaustive, but rather represent places to start your journey and exploration into the different kinds of art under the heading "Literary/Language Arts."