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Financial Wellness: Basic Needs

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What are basic needs? Basic needs are those necessities that you need to prioritize in order have financial stability. Some of the things we can expect to pay for ourselves are rent, food, clothing and transportation. Quite often, meeting these basic needs can be quite challenging and do not leave room for money left over to save. Some simple solutions to this can be:

  • Maybe we don't need to pay $5 dollars a day at cafe for our caffeine fix. We can make coffee at home!
  • We can food prep our meals during the week so we don't have to eat out everyday!
  • We can organize carpools to school to save gas and money and reduce our carbon footprint!

We can do many things to try and meet our basic needs but sometimes that still is not enough. In the previous section of this guide, we learned to start thinking about our financial base. If that base for whatever reason can not meet the needs of providing for our basic needs, we might begin to consider using some of the resources that Napa Valley College of Napa County Services can provide. Listed on this page are some of those resources.

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