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Native American Heritage Month 2021: Welcome! Bienvenidos!


Did you know that there are 109 federally recognized Native American tribes in California alone?  There are also several groups which are not federally recognized.  The Bay Area, in particular, is home to several groups, including the Pomo, Suscol, Ohlone, Chochenyo, Karkin, Ramaytush, Bay Miwok, Delta Yokuts, Muwekma, Kashaya, Patwin, and Mishewal Wappo, as well as several others.  The traditions and cultures of each are unique and diverse.  This month is not only to celebrate Native American heritage, but also to remember and acknowledge the complex, difficult history of seizure and betrayal that accompanies this month as we consider the past and present.  This LibGuide is meant to be informative, foster an awareness of the past, and help create conversations for the future with our neighbors.  Please take a few moments to read through the resources in this guide.  If you have any questions (or find a typo), please don't hesistate to e-mail our wonderful librarians!

Pencil Sketch of a California Prayer Lodge and Roundhouse with Traditional Dancers

Drawing Courtesy of the Artist, Chester McCloud, Lake County Pomo, circa 1990

Onasatis Map

Image from

Map of Northern California Tribes

Plimpton Basket - Pomo

Photograph courtesy of: pre2000/features/karlins/karlins5-21-99.asp

Large Diagonally Twined Feast Bowl - Pomo

Photograph Courtesy of: pre2000/features/karlins/karlins5-21-6.asp