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HR Training & Development Library Learn Corner: Administrative Assistant Program

Administrative Assistant Certification Program

For those who are currently participating in the program or graduated from the program, this page contains links to articles, books, and training materials.  There are links to professional organizations for you to review.  In addition, for those who are currently participating, you will find the current training schedule, articles from presenters, PDF files of documents mentioned in trainings, and links to videos. Please note that you can make suggestions and/or send items to be added to the page.


Current Program Schedule


Congratulations on making this choice on joining the Administrative Assistant Certification program. This program is designed to provide you foundational resources and skills to make you successful in your current job and future opportunities for Napa Valley College.  We do hope that you enjoy this year-long program and take advantage of every opportunity that is offered through this program.  If you are interested in applying for this program, please contact the Office of Human Resources Training and Development for the application process and enrollment period.  Welcome! Charo Albarrán  


Program PDF Files and Links

List of MS Office Suite Courses to be taken throughout the program via CCC Vision Resource Center.  At least 30 hours of courses must be completed.  

NVC Organizational Charts

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