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Women's History Month March 2023: WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH 2023

A LibGuide for Women's History Month, March 2023. The theme this year is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories"

A banner for Women's History Month 2023, three women walking forward together

The McCarthy Library celebrates Women's History Month this March!  We've provided a list of some local and national resources to help celebrate the occasion, as well as a list of recommended materials and local events which you might find engaging.  The theme for this year's WHM is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories"


Happy Women's History Month from all of us at the McCarthy Library!

Local Events


Rosie the Riveter National Park - Richmond, CA

A museum located in Richmond, CA which explores the civilian efforts and contributions to the Second World War, particularly women and the ways in which they aided the war effort from 'back home.'

Women's Museum of California - San Diego, CA

Located in San Diego, the Women's Museum of California offers both in person and digital exhibits discussing the diverse women of California and showcases their contributions, struggles, and triumphs.

National Women's History Museum

An online resource showcasing virtual exhibits and other resources focused on women in the history of the United States