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Latinx Heritage (Formerly Hispanic Heritage) Month: Focus on the Bracero Program 2023: Websites, Articles, and Audiovisual Resources


There are not only many sources on the internet where folks can find interesting information about Braceros, but the topic has also inspired documentaries, music, and podcasts.

Suggested Websites

There are many places that have information and displays about the Bracero Program.  Take a few moments to peruse some of these resources:


Suggested Songs and Podcasts about the Braceros and the Bracero Program

There are songs about the Bracero program specifically, and a few are listed below.  In addition, there are a few podcasts that may be of interest to you, and those too are listed.  So, take a listen.

Songs and Podcasts

Songs Podcasts
"Bracero" by Phil Ochs

"History Explorer: The Bracero Project" -

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

“Canto del Bracero” by Pedro Infante "Braceros: The Controversial History of US-Mexico Farm Worker Programs with Dr. Matthew Garcia" - Young Farmers Podcast (Available on Apple Podcasts"
Corrido: Tragedia de Chualar by David Saucedo Salas 

"The Problems with the US's Farm Worker Program" - NPR

"El Bracero Mexicano" by Los Braceros "Podcast 3: Break-Down of the Bracero Program"- Cal Ag Roots
“Que Vuelvan Los Braceros” by Lalo Guerrero  

Suggested Films and Documentaries

There are many documentaries and segments of documentaries that feature the Bracero Program.  Some we have available via the NVC library's database Films on Demand.  Others are available on the Internet.  This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a sampling of what is available.

Available via Films on Demand Database

Harvest of Loneliness:  The Bracero Program (2010) (You Tube);  Films on Demand Database link

"Mexican Migrants" - Segment from America:  Promised Land - Part 2

Prejudice and Pride (1965-1980): The Latino Americans

"Through the Barbed Wire: Domingo Ulloa’s Braceros"

Available via the Internet

Why Braceros? - Council of California Growers (1962)

The Braceros, An Oregon Experience - PBS

Los Braceros: Strong Arms to Aid the USA - PBS

Bracero Stories - only available via DVD (2008)

Suggested Articles

There are many news articles available about the Bracero Program from news organizations all over the Unites States.  Some of these are only available via a subscription, and you can access these through the Napa Public Library.  You might also check out the Newspaper Source Plus and Newswire databases for articles that you can access through NVC's library.


"Harvest Season’s Historical Roots:  Latinos in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys" - PBS

"Students to Report on History of Bracero Program in Napa Valley" - Napa Valley Register (subscription based - use Napa Public Library to access)

"The Bracero Program in Napa Valley" - THE ELECTROLIER (St. Helena Historical Society's Newsletter)

"These Intimate Photos Chronicle the Mexican Worker Program That Helped ‘Feed and Build America’:  Then These ‘Braceros’ Were Just Expected to Return to Their Country"- Timeline


"A Former Bracero Farmworker Breaks His Silence, Recalling Abuse and Exploitation" - LA Times (subscription based - use Napa Public Library to access)

"The Bracero Legacy Rooted in California Agriculture" - Metro Silicon Valley

"Time Running out for Braceros Who Worked US Fields During WWII" - San Francisco Chronicle (subscription based - use Napa Public Library access)