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eBooks Guide: EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks

Many of our EBSCO-brand databases include eBooks. EBSCO eBook Collection takes all of the EBSCO eBooks that come with those databases as well as individually purchased EBSCO titles and puts them in one place.

How to Read an EBSCO eBook

How to read an EBSCO eBook:

  • Read Online: EPUB Full Text will open the book in your browser. You do not need to create an EBSCOhost account to read a text in your browser. 
  • Download Book or Chapter as PDF: PDF Full Text will download the entire book as a PDF. If this option is not available, you may be able to download specific parts or chapters as an individual PDF. You can open a PDF in your web browser or with a compatible PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader. Downloading as a PDF may require you to create an EBSCO account.
  • Download Book as EPUB: Full Download will give you the option to download the text as an EPUB or PDF file. An EBSCO account, Adobe Digital Editions, and an Adobe account is required to download and open an EPUB document on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 


Searching EBSCO eBooks

Reading EBSCO eBooks

Filtering for eBooks

If you are using a general EBSCO database (one that is not exclusively for eBooks), you can filter your results to show only eBooks. To do this, select "show more" under source types and check the box for eBooks. 



Downloading EBSCO eBooks

Downloading EBSCO eBooks to Your Mobile Device