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Kinesiology: Home


The purpose of this guide is to lead the beginning researcher to the most useful sources in the library's collection and online for the study of kinesiology. The list of sources in not exhaustive, so please consult a reference librarian for additional suggestions.

Movement Meaning: Concepts, Types, Joints, Videos and Questions

Kinesiology Courses at Napa Valley College

Courses offered at NVC:

KiINE-100 Swimming
KINE-100B Int. Swimming
KINE-113 Fitness for Life
KINE-115 Cross Training
KINE-123 Tennis
KINE-123B Int. Tennis
KINE-129 Spinning
KINE-129B Int. Spinning
KINE-130 Yoga
KINE-130B Int. Yoga
KINE-148 Walking for Fitness
KINE-148B Int. Walking for Fitness
KINE-151 Weight Training
KINE-151B Int. Weight Training
KINE-151C Olympic Weight Training
KINE-160 Adaptive Physical Education
KINE-169 Corrective PE for TAs
KINE-178 Pre-Season Conditioning
KINE-201 Introduction to Kinesiology
KINE-285 Men's Basketball Team
KINE-286 Women's Basketball Team
KINE-290 Golf Team
KINE-291 Soccer Team
KINE-297 Women's Volleyball Team