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Black History Month 2024: The March Graphic Novel Trilogy: Home

Black History Month: The March Graphic Novel Trilogy


The March trilogy is a series of three graphic novels that relate the late, great Congressman John Lewis' experiences at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.  In partnership with Andrew Aydin (writer) and Nate Powell (illustrator), Lewis recounts his experiences through a conversational style reminiscent of a grandfather telling a grandchild his story.  Switching between the "present," President Barrack Obama's first inauguration, and the past, the books cover a lot of content, and this guide provides resources for further reading concerning the people, places, and events that are depicted within the three works.  This guide cannot cover every topic mentioned in the book, so please feel free to use any of the library's resources to research whatever topic you find the most interesting.  If you would like suggestions for further resources or need some help, please reach out to one of our friendly, neighborhood NVC librarians.

----Compiled by Dr. Amy Catania

March: Book 1

March: Book 2

March: Book 3