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Theatre Arts: Databases

This guide contains an overview of the dramatic arts, including several recommended resources.


This section provides recommended databases and online resources.  The databases can be used for various purposes, including background on playwrights, lyricists, and composers, information that can help contextualize works, as well as literary criticism and theoretical considerations, and more.  The online resources section provides some sites of general interest, and the inclusion of them does not necessarily reflect an endorsement of the views presented, but rather these are provided because they could be interesting.

Recommended Databases

There are many different databases where you can find information about an author, such as the Literary Reference Center, places where you can look up academic articles, such as JSTOR and Academic Search Complete, and even general databases where you can look up themes that you might encounter, such as the Credo Reference Library.  When you are conducting research, start with some general background on the playwright, lyricist, composer, etc. and then consider consulting an academic source if you are asked to write a paper.  If you are looking for video clips of performances, try using the Films on Demand database.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our wonderful librarians.