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Theatre Arts: Home

This guide contains an overview of the dramatic arts, including several recommended resources.


Often when one thinks about the dramatic arts, one thinks about the theater.  There are many great productions of plays, musicals, and performances that have stood the test of time, and there are a myriad of reasons why those performances and productions have been considered great.  This does not, however, take into account personal taste.  What you choose to read and perform is ultimately up to you.  This guide will introduce you to some different resources available to help you explore the myriad of performances and productions that are available for perusal.  You will find books, websites, and links to other online resources, as well as tips for writing papers on the topics that you might encounter.  These are suggestions and by no means represent all the resources available to you, but they do give you a place to begin.


The Napa Valley College Library

The McCarthy Library is located downstairs in the 1700 Building on the southeastern side of campus. See the Campus Map for its exact location.