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Librarian Hours

Librarians are available to assist you with finding, evaluating, and using resources for your assignments. You can speak with a librarian by making an appointment using the scheduling options below, over email, using our 24/7 chat service, calling the library, or coming into the library during business hours (librarian in-person availability varies. To guarantee meeting with a librarian in person, please make an appointment). If you do not need to speak to a particular librarian, you can email all of the librarians at and whoever is available will reply ASAP. 

If you need help writing your assignment, please seek assistance from the Writing Success Center. If you need help with citations, consider using NoodleTools

For the library's location, please go to location.

Amy Catania

Amy Catania, PT Librarian

Nancy McEnery

Part-Time Librarian

Sarah Davis

Part-Time Librarian

Susan Meader

Susan Meader, PT Librarian