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McCarthy Library Website: POLICIES & CODE OF CONDUCT


The Napa Valley College Library and Learning Resource Center (LLRC) buildings and facilities, including common areas, are for the use of NVC students, faculty and staff, and individuals or groups associated with or invited by the College. Napa Valley College McCarthy Library prohibits the use of the computers or facilities for conducting business or commercial purposes. The public may use the LLRC as long as the activity does not interfere with educational activities. The McCarthy Library strives to provide a professional environment in which students can study, seek and create information, or explore new knowledge sources in a comfortable and conducive setting. Failure to follow these standards or comply with requests by library staff may result in removal from the library and a loss of library privileges.

Conduct: Treat fellow students and library staff with respect and consideration. Adhere to the following basic guidelines and let library staff know when visitors are acting inappropriately. 

Cell phones: keep phones on silent or vibrate. Go outside the building to make or receive calls. Text messaging is allowed as long as notifications are silent or on vibrate.

Noise: Be considerate of others. Talk quietly enough to avoid bothering those around you. Keep music on earphones at a level that others cannot hear. If you need complete silence, consider using the silent study room (we apologize, this room is unavailable during the 2023-2024 academic year). 

Food and drink:

  • Covered beverages and snack type foods are permitted in most areas of the library.  
  • No food is permitted at any computer workstation.  
  • No food deliveries, food parties, or group meals are allowed except in relation to college-sponsored events.  

Trash: Please clean up after yourself. Place recyclables in blue recycling receptacles and non-recyclables in trash.

Respect the library: If you move furniture, please put it back. Do not damage library materials or furnishings.

Play it safe: Keep valuables and backpacks under your watchful eye at all times. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Library Computers: The purpose of the library computers is to support the work of students, faculty, and staff engaged in research or academic activities. Online gaming is not permitted on any computer in the library. Viewing recreational movies and videos which monopolize computers is not permitted. Viewing of pornography is prohibited. No patron shall use a computer to excess (as determined by library staff), thereby preventing other students, faculty and staff from using library computers.

Group Study Rooms: NVC students, faculty, and staff have priority for use of individual rooms. No recreational or non-academic activities are allowed. No reservations, no saving space. Observe the posted guidelines. Rooms are available to two or more students. Please keep voices down since the walls are not sound-proof. Study rooms may not be used for classes, paid tutoring or other paid business operations, university seminars, or organizational meetings. Rooms may not be monopolized by one group.

Socializing/Games: The library is a study space. No board games, card playing, or other games that interfere with other peoples' ability to study.

Respect other library users: Help create a positive atmosphere in the library with your online activity and behavior.

Children: No unsupervised children under 12 years of age. The library is geared to the use of college-level students and other adults. Librarians and other staff cannot be responsible for monitoring children. Since the library wishes to provide an atmosphere conducive to study and research, children who cause disturbances by crying, running, making noise, or exhibition of other disruptive behavior must be removed from the Library by their parent(s) or guardian.