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The McCarthy Library provides a selection of textbooks and other course materials for students to use inside the library for free at 2-hour intervals.

What books are available on reserve?

The library has many of the textbooks and other course materials used in NVC courses. To find out if we have your textbook, search the title in the Library Catalog and filter by "Napa Valley College." 

How long can I use a book?

The usual lending period is 2 hours. However, it can be extended if no one is waiting. If there are multiple copies, it is possible that a copy may be available outside of the reserves collection and can be borrowed for a longer period of time. 

Where can I use the book?

Course reserves materials MUST be used inside the library. They cannot be taken out of the library. 

What are the late fees?

Overdue fees are $25/day or up to $300 for a lost book. If you are having difficulties returning a book, please contact the library. 

I am an instructor, how can I add a textbook to the library's course reserves collection?

Please see the information and form in our Faculty Guide

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