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ENGL 90: Jordan (Spring 2022): Find Resources

Resources Needed

You need one resource for each milieu category. In addition, you must use all of these types: books/e-books, encyclopedic reference, photos, audio/video document, scholarly article. This comes to five resources, plus your personal interview. 

Milieu Categories:

  1. History
  2. Geography/Physical Environment
  3. Culture (the arts, clothing, food, religion, etc.)
  4. Socioeconomics (issues of race, class, gender, etc.)
  5. Photograph (Please find a photograph that provides insight into your ancestor’s milieu.)

Types of Resources needed:

  1. Books/eBooks
  2. Encyclopedic Reference
  3. Photos
  4. Audio/Video
  5. Scholarly Article
  6. Personal Interview

Resource Locations


General Databases (eBooks, articles, reference, and more):

HINT: Search multiple (or all) EBSCO brand databases simultaneously (including Academic Search Complete and Ethnic Diversity Source) by opening any EBSCO database and selecting "choose databases."

Reference Databases:

Art/Photography Databases:

Video Streaming Databases: