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History of the United States: Writing a History Research Paper

El Generalisimo

Spanish Civil War Propaganda Poster of El Generalisimo, Fransisco Franco

Gigantic robotic general (Franco) as Death personified with three smaller figures carrying the train of his cape and representing the Spanish military, commerce, and church

The inscription on this poster, El Generalísimo, refers to General Francisco Franco (1892-1975). Franco was one of the most prominent figures in the Spanish military during the late 1920s and 1930s; on July 17-18, 1936, he was one of the leaders of the military rebellion that led to the Civil War. On September 29, 1936, he was made Head of the Government of Nationalist Spain, and two days later he took on the role of "Head of State." 

Pedrero; Spain, Junta Delegada de Defensa de Madrid., Delegación de Propaganda y Prensa
Date: between 1936 and 1939

Writing for History

World War I Poster

World War One Poster Showing Soldier Injured and Red Cross Worker Helping