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"Philosophy plays a vital role in intellectual synthesis, and it keeps us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries.  It also peers into the future to give shape to the unknown -- and that has always been its vocation of choice."     E.O. Wilson, Consilience


The purpose of this guide is to lead the beginning researcher to the most important and useful sources in the McCarthy Library's Reference Collection and online for the study of philosophy.  Use the tabs along the top to peruse both print and digital sources.  The list of sources is not exhaustive; please consult with a Reference Librarian for additional suggestions.

   There are many specializations within the study of Philosophy.  These include:

Ancient Philosophy
Epistemology, Metaphysics, Science
Ethics & Value Theory
Language & Semiotics
Logic & Mathematics
Philosophy of Religion
Psychology & Philosophy of Mind
Society, Politics, Rights & Laws
Specific Philosophers/Philosophies



Circulating Books on Philosophy

There are numerous books on the topic of philosophy.  Below are a few we have highlighted: