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APA Style 7th Edition: Home

Why Citations?

Academic scholarship is built on presenting factual information. Facts help distinguish between what is "opinion" and what is "credible." Your professors will often require you to present an essay with citations that will anchor your burgeoning academic work.

Citations will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate a trail of evidence that supports your thesis/claim/argument.
  • Show your professor how to find the evidence quickly and efficiently.
  • Protect intellectual property rights.

When should you cite?:

  • Direct Quotations: When you use the author’s exact words
  • Paraphrasing: When you summarize someone else’s words or ideas
  • Facts: When you mention something that is not common knowledge
  • Images: When you use pictures, charts, and graphics that someone else created in a presentation 

Adapted from City College of San Francisco "Citing Sources" Libguide

Get Help with Citations

If you need help with MLA format or citation, we recommend you use, in addition to this guide, the following:


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