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WHM 2021: California's Women Make History!: Home

This LibGuide focuses on women who have contributed to California's rich history.

The Women of California Make History

California has a rich history of amazing women who have defined their own roles and places within society, and in doing so, they have often made history.  Whether they were born in California or became residents of California, they have been trailblazers.  From Toypurina, a medicine woman of the Tongva nation who led a rebellion against the Spanish to Dolores Huerta, who fought for workers' rights and co-founded the National Farmworkers Association (which later became the United Farm Workers) to Kamala Harris, the first African American, Asian American, and woman to ever serve as Vice-president of the United States, California's women make history.  As the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsberg once stated, "Women belong in all places were decisions are being made," and California's women certainly have striven to be in those places.


Rosie the Riveter Museum - Richmond, CA

One of the Bay Area's hidden gems, the Rosie the Riveter Museum is located right in our own backyard in Richmond.  Although small in size, there is an amazing amount of information and fascinating artifacts for folks to peruse when this museum reopens after the pandemic.  There is also a lovely little bistro right across the way, so make a day of it with the family.  You might even consider booking a talk (via Zoom right now) with a real-life Rosie who worked in the shipyard.  Here is the link to the museum's website.

Women's Museum of California - San Diego, CA

Located in San Diego near Point Loma, the Women's Museum of California presents an array of exhibits from Chicana activists to ground-breaking artists to the history of feminism.  The museum also has seminars and talks.  Even if you cannot visit in person, check out the digital exhibits.  There is a lot to explore here and in the surrounding area, so make sure that you are wearing your comfortable shoes if you visit in person.

Articles of Interest

Organizations in California Working for Women's Rights