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Special Collections - News Archives Guide: Napa Valley College Staff Newspapers and Newsletters


Napa Valley College has a long history of providing staff with newsletters and newspapers in print.  For some publications, we have several issues, but for others, we have only one or two issues.  Because we do not often have all issues of a publication, the start dates and end dates for many publications are not known.  The items in this part of the collection, however, give a nice glimpse into what was considered "newsworthy" during the time periods within which they were published.

Napa Valley College News

Napa Valley College News started out as a newsletter, but then it was changed into a newspaper format, and then it was converted back into a newsletter.  It is difficult to tell how long the publication lasted or if there were gaps in the publication history based on the limited number of issues preserved in the archive.

Information about Napa Valley College News
Date Format
July 1987 Newsletter
October 1987 Newsletter
February 1988 Newsletter
June 1988 Newsletter
February 1989 Newsletter
June 1989 Newspaper
October 1989 Newspaper
February 1990 Newspaper
Spring 1991 Newspaper
Summer 1991 Newspaper
Fall 1991 Newspaper
March 18, 2001 Newsletter


Single Copy Publications

Supplemental to the Napa Valley Register, St. Helena Star, and The Weekly Callistogan - "Come soar with us!:  Napa Valley College" (July 1998) (newspaper format)

"Celebrate Your Community College's 60th Anniversary Open House" (Sept. 28, [2002]) - contains information on events, venues, and presenters (newspaper format)

"Napa College Report to the Community:  Published for Students, Prospective Students, Alumni Friends of Napa College" - volume 1, issue 1 (Tuesday, February 17, 1981) (newspaper format)

"Bravo!:  Special 1995-96 Year-End Edition" (May 1996)(newsletter format)


"Contact" was a newsletter published by the Public Affairs Office that was sent out to all staff.  It was published periodically throughout the semesters and, at the end of the year, a special "President's Report to the Community" issue was published giving an overview of the previous schoolyear.

Information about "Contact" Issues

1983-1984 ("President's Report to the Community" special issue)
September 1984
December 1984
January 1985
February 1985
March 1985
June 1985
1984-1985  ("President's Report to the Community" special issue)
October 1985
January 1985
February 1986


Spotlighting Leadership at Napa Valley College

The "Spotlighting Leadership at Napa Valley College" newsletter highlighted the professional accomplishments of various Napa Valley College community members.  Because we do not have all copies of this newsletter, the first issue and last issue dates are unknown.

Information about "Spotlighting Leadership at Napa Valley College" Issues

August 13, 1987 (loose leaf copies of stories prior to being put into newsletter format)
Wednesday, September 9, 1987
Wednesday, November 11, 1987
Wednesday, April 13, 1988
Wednesday, May 25, 1988
Wednesday, September 28, 1988
Wednesday, March 2, 1989
Friday, April 14, 1989
Friday, December 1, 1989
Wednesday, February 14, 1990 (correction on one entry written by an unknown individual; staining on lower right corner of first page)
Thursday, March 29, 1990
Friday, May 25, 1990
Wednesday, September 12, 1990
Wednesday, October 17, 1990
Friday, November 30, 1990
Wednesday, January 16, 1991


Building Community

"Building Community" was a newsletter written by and published by the president's office.  At least three different university presidents kept this publication active, although it is unclear when this publication stopped being published and under which president based on the issues that we have.

Information about "Building Community" Issues

Volume Issue Date President
1 2 September 6, 1990 Bill Feddersen
1 7 December 3, 1990 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A February, 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A March, 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A April, 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A May, 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A June, 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A September 1991 Bill Feddersen
N/A N/A October 1991 Dr. John Randall
N/A N/A November 1991 Dr. John Randall
N/A N/A December 1991/January 1992 Dr. John Randall
N/A N/A February 1992 Dr. John Randall
N/A N/A March/April 1992 Dr. John Randall
N/A N/A May 1992 (Photograph enclosed of Dr. Diane Carey and Mr. Fine in front of a diving board with a sign that reads, "MR. FINE AND ARMSTRONG PAINT - THANKS FOR HELPING US TOWARD OUR OLYMPIC DREAMS"; on the back of the photograph is a note, "Pic D" Dr. Diane Carey
N/A N/A June, 1992 Dr. Diane Carey
N/A N/A 1994-1995 ("1994-1995 NVC Year Highlight" special issue) Dr. Diane Carey