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Special Collections - News Archives Guide: Local Napa History in Clippings and Magazines


Much has happened in Napa and the greater Napa Valley area.  This collection contains clippings of local interest stories, including biographies of some local historic figures, stories on historic buildings, and articles on the phylloxera outbreak that nearly crippled the wine industry.  We also have a copy of the 2008 catalog for the Napa Opera House, which is no longer in operation.

Napa Locals - Clippings

Napa boasts many outstanding community members, and we have a small collection of clippings from various news sources about a few of these individuals.

Information on Clippings about Napa Locals

Person (alphabetical order by last name) Publication Date
Dewey Anderson (on the County Board of Supervisors) Napa Valley Register Sunday, August 19, 2007
Rene di Rosa (helped to create Napa Valley Land Trust) Marketplace - "Senior Spotlight" June 2007
Brenda Knight (First African American woman to chari the national board of trustees) Marketplace - "Profile" April 2007


Historic Buildings - Clippings

Napa boasts several historical buildings.  Some were built here, but some were even moved from other places and transplanted to Napa, and some were moved from Napa to other towns.  The area has a rich architectural history, and the clippings in this collection showcase just some of these local treasures.

Information on Clippings about Historical Buildings in Napa

Title of Article Title of Publication Date
"A place for the insane: Napa State Hospital celebrates 120-year history" Napa Valley Register Wednesday, November 15, 1995
"Napa's Gordon House: a lice of local history" Napa Valley Register Saturday, February 24, 2007
"What hath Sattui wrought?" Napa Valley Register July 1, 2007
"Charles Krug Redwood Cellar and Carriage House renovation, St. Helena Napa Valley Register Tuesday, May 29, 2007
"Peter Mopndavi family outlines plans for historic property" Wine Edition (50th Annual Wine Edition) Fall 2007
"Resurrection of winery unveils St. Helena's first homicide and first woman vintner" Wine Edition (50th Annual Wine Edition) Fall 2007
"Restoring history: It took architect Juliana Inman 17 years and 'a lot of sweat equity' to bring a Napa Victory back to its original design" Napa Valley Register September 29, 2007
"Inside the Uptown:  Altamura offers tour of work in progress" Napa Valley Register Tuesday, October 16, 2007
"150 Years of faith:  First Christian, St. John's  both celebrate deep roots in the valley: Church's grand reunion set for Nov. 4 at Expo" Napa Valley Register Monday, October 22, 2007
"10 Questions:  Jim Barrett of Chateau Montelena Winery, Calistoga" Napa Valley Register Wednesday, October 24, 2007
"Stonecrest:  a historic Napa showcase neighborhood" Napa Valley Register Saturday, November 3, 2007
"House mover finds new way to move Victorian to Benicia" Napa Valley Register November 11, 2007
"House on the move, again:  Benicia-bound home resting on Riverside Drive" Napa Valley Register November 19, 2007
"Victorian land unexpectedly on the riverbank" Napa Valley Register November 21, 2007
"Historica McClelland-Priest house opens its doors for Candlelight Tour today" Napa Valley Register Saturday, December 8, 2007
"Coppola razes reviled barrel cellar" Napa Valley Register December 14, 2007
"Fagiania's Bar Sold:  Napa developer buys stories Main Street property, site of 1974 murder" Napa Valley Register Saturday, December 15, 2007
"Migliavacca Mansion gets new owner" Napa Valley Register Tuesday, February 19, 2008
"Wiggins co-authors bill to save Oakville Grocery" Napa Valley Register Monday, March 31, 2008
"Beazley's pioneers in Napa's B&B industry Napa Valley Register Sunday, March 23, 2008


Phylloxera Outbreak in Vineyards - Clippings

In 1993, the phylloxera, a pest that attacks grapes, began to infest the local grapes and threaten the wine business.  There are several clippings that discuss this particular infestation and its consequences.

Information about Clippings on Phylloxera Infestation

Title of Article Publication Title Date
"Phylloxera, financial crunch uproots whine indistry"; "Grower: 'An industry... maybe totally wiped out'"; "Phylloxera:  Souring effect on the wine industry" Napa Valley Register Tuesday, December 10, 1991
"The clones are coming, to a grapegrower near you" California Farmer April 1992
"Silent killer:  Ravages of phylloxera will end by year 2000" Napa Valley Register Friday, May 29, 1992
"Once bitten twice as good" Napa Valley Register March 21, 1993
"Phylloxera attack aid from NASA" Napa Valley Register March 31, 1993
"Experts tell vintners to go organicj" Napa Valley Register June 17, 1992
"New strains of a louse are chewing up California's finest vineyards, but that could lead to better wines someday" TIME Magazine September 21, 1992
"Governor declares war on sharpshooter" Napa Valley Register March 24, 2000
"Napa Valley growers are taking aim at the sharpshooter" Napa Valley Register March 26, 2000
"Keeping a sharp eye on sharpshooters" Napa Valley Register April 26, 2000
"Sharpshooter strikes nerve in vineyards" Napa Valley Register August 12, 2000
"Bug battles will devide us:  Napans ready to resist spraying" Napa Valley Register August 14, 2000
"Wasp best hope to stop invasion"'; "Pierce's cure sough in wild grapes, genetic engineering"; "Loss of graps would be apocalypse" Napa Valley Register August 15, 2000
"Fighting the Good Fight" American Nurseryman February 15, 2001
"Specific Resources: UCR Glassy winged Sharpshooter Resources:" North Bay Connections January/February 2001

Local Magazines (No Longer in Print)

Napa has a lot to offer its local and tourists when it comes to art, and, at one point, Napa even had an opera house.  Although the doors to this historic building have since closed, we do have one year's catalog of productions.

Napa Valley Opera House - Winter/Spring 2008